Refinance Broker Perth. Are you paying too much for your home loan mortgage?

Is it time to refinance? With the recent rises in interest rates, it might be time to give your current home loan mortgage a health check. As your refinance broker Perth Finance Brokers (Mortgage Broker Perth) can work with you to assess the potential savings to you by refinancing your existing home loan, which could enable you to reduce your mortgage repayments and pay off your home loan sooner.

With access to a broad base of major banks and non-bank lenders Perth Finance Brokers are able to research and compare all suitable home loans available, allowing you to refinance your existing home loan to reduce your payments or pay off your home loan sooner. You may even qualify for a cash back!

Debt Consolidation:

Debt consolidation could be an option if you’re considering refinancing your existing home loan. This may allow you to combine other loans such as credit cards, store cards or other personal loans to include in your refinancing to reduce your monthly commitments.

It is important to understand that although you may pay a significantly reduced interest rate on your consolidated debt, when refinancing you may pay more over time, as your home loan period will be over a longer term.

It is therefore important to calculate and consider this before you make a decision. An alternative option to consider for debt consolidation could be a personal loan.

Perth Finance Brokers can assist you to refinance your existing home loan and debt consolidation, with access to the major banks and non-bank lenders we will go to work for you to find the loan that is affordable and suits your needs and objectives.

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